Inspection Summary

3641 Jackson Street
San Diego, CA 92106


ACME Inspection

The Inspector's Opening Words…

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Overall, this house is in very good condition. There are a few major concerns, primarily with the plumbing. As detailed below, a few safety concerns also exist. There are also a few minor problems that exist, and areas where the home does no meet current residential building code.

For the age of the house, though, most of the defects encountered are to be expected. Many of the notes I've made focus on continued monitoring of the currently functioning systems.

Sellers Response

Concerns Safety Concern? Fixed? Price Paid Contractor
1) Plumbing - Leaks present in basement as well as in 1st floor bathroom. Yes $1,200 Al's Plumbing
2) Electrical - Circuit breaker not grounded. Yes $230 McBride Elec.
3) HVAC - Air Conditioner disconnected Yes $135 True A/C, Inc.
4) Electrical - Bathroom outlet not GFCI No
5) Roof - Needs patching. Should be addressed in next couple of years Yes $800 Roofies, Inc.
6) Electrical - Recommend updating all outlets No
7) Roof - Rain gutters will need replacemnt in future No

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