ClearHouse Guarantee

A buyer’s inspection will not kill your deal, or your money back.

By showing buyers the condition of your home before they make an offer, you’re virtually eliminating the chance of a buyer’s inspection killing the deal. There might be small differences between the two reports, but nothing big enough (>$1,000) to shock a buyer and make them back out.

But just in case you don’t believe that, we offer a money back guarantee.

How to Claim a Refund
Since deals get killed for other reasons, such as appraisals, financing, etc., we’ll need to be certain that your misfortune was inspection-specific. For a full refund of your Clear House inspection fee, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The buyer purchased a copy of your report through, BEFORE they made an offer.
  2. The buyer made an offer, and you accepted it.
  3. The buyer hired their own inspector, and the inspector found at least one major property deficiency (valued at $1,000 or more) not included in the Clear House report.
  4. Damage that occurs after the Clear House inspection due to natural disasters or theft/vandalism does not count.
  5. The buyer’s inspection must have occurred within one year of the Clear House inspection.
  6. The buyer backed out of the deal due specifically to one or more of the major deficiencies not included in the Clear House report.

Documentation you must provide
  1. Copies of all offers and counter offers, which illustrate disagreement over the deficiencies not included in the Clear House report.
  2. Copy of inspection report purchased by the buyer.