Inspectors - How and Why to Join Our Network

Why Join:
1. Recognition and Referrals. We only use the most highly qualified and experienced inspectors, so if you meet our criteria     you will get our business.
2. Avoid Client/Agent Frustrations. A pre-listing inspection spares everyone a lot of stress. You’ll issue your report before     the house goes on the market, when tensions are lowest.
3. It’s Easy, No Obligation. Signing up is simple. We don't ask for any confidential information. Once you're signed up, you can     accept or reject any referrals we send your way.
If You Join, Your Responsibilities:
1. Summary Page - You’ll need to fill out our uniform Summary Page for ClearHouse inspections. It’s simple, and it lists your     most significant findings. It also allows sellers a place to exhibit what they’ve fixed.
2. Upload PDF Reports - You can use any inspection software, we just need you to upload a PDF of each report.
3. Check Your Email - This will be the primary mode of communication for appointment requests, etc.
How to Join:
1. You Must Meet the following Criteria:
  • -Licensure at the highest level available in your state. Contact us for requirements in states with less rigorous or no licensure.
  • -Proof of E&O Insurance
  • -Reports uploadable in .PDF format
2. Provide all credentials to The Clear House - Upload during sign-up or email us.
3. Wait for The Clear House approval - We will contact you as soon as your information has been verified.