About Us

ClearHouse.net was started by Adam Lowe, an engineer, and Nick Liebman, an economist, when they saw a major inefficiency in the residential real estate market: the home inspection. It all began when Adam bought his first house. He paid for the inspection while he was under contract — the way it’s “always” been done. The inspector assured him the house was in excellent condition except for a couple minor blemishes, which the seller fixed, and the deal closed.

Two years later Adam sold his house, and this time the buyer’s inspector found thousands of dollars of long-standing problems, including some safety hazards. With only days until closing, Adam had to scramble to make repairs and offer expensive concessions, or risk losing the buyer.

A couple big flaws in this process stood out. First, how could there be such a big discrepancy in the quality of inspectors? It turns out most states don’t regulate the industry, so there are plenty of inspectors who are either incompetent or whose loyalties lie with agents instead of buyers. Second, why should the condition of the house be a mystery to both the seller and the buyer until both parties have signed a contract?

It just didn’t make sense, so we came up with a solution. ClearHouse objectively screens the best local inspectors, assigns them to conduct independent pre-listing inspections, then makes the reports available to buyers online.

We believe that transparency and information are good. Sellers should know what they’re selling, and buyers should know what they’re buying, before an offer is made. ClearHouse ensures that all parties can trust the information and avoid the stress, expense and time wasted with a traditional buyer’s inspection.

The Clear House, LLC, is based in San Diego, California.
  Adam Lowe
        Adam Lowe

   Nick Liebman
      Nick Liebman